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indianola's water quality information

Each year IMU is required to inform our customers of the quality of water they are being provided.  This report, known as the Indianola Water Quality Report, is mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Safe Drinking Water Act and provides information on Indianola’s drinking water system. 

Required information in this report includes the source from which IMU draws it's supply, any contaminants that may be found through annual/monthly testing, any contaminant violations, source water assessment information and any other additional health information that may be applicable to the individual water system.

Below are the sampling results for Indianola's drinking water system.  The state allows IMU to monitor for certain substances less than once per year because the concentrations of these substances do not change frequently.  In these cases, the most recent sample data are included, along with the year in which the sample was taken.  

Substance   MCL
  IMU Result
  Sample Date

 Copper (ppm)

   AL=1.3    1.3   No Detect
  2015   No
 Lead (ppm)

  AL=15   0   No Detect
  2015   No
Chlorine (ppm)

  MRDL=4.0   MRDLG=4.0   2.3   12/31/2015   No
 Gross Alpha (pCi/L)

  15   0   4.4   6/3/2015   No
Combined Radium (pCi/L)

  5   0   2.2   7/15/2014   No
Antimony (ppb)

  6   6   0.60   5/6/2013   No
Fluoride (ppm)

  4   4   2.4   7/25/2013   No
Barium (ppm)

  2   2   0.0046   5/6/2013   No
Sodium (ppm)
  N/A   N/A
  144   5/6/2013   No

Download the complete Indianola Water Quality Report here.
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