Spring Hydrant Flushing

Indianola Municipal Utilities will be flushing all city water hydrants beginning April 27th   through May, 8th .   Residents may experience some temporary discoloration of their tap water, which does not in any way affect the safety of the water and will clear up by running the faucet for a short time.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IMU Administrative Office at 961-9444.
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fiber optic network system

Indianola Municipal Utilities’ fiber optic network is a robust fiber-to-the-premise system that offers outstanding connectivity, reliability and redundancy.  Our Network Services Partners use the network to deliver state-of-the art retail telecommunications services.

Wholesale service is primarily delivered by Iowa Network Services (INS) to IMU’s point of presence facility via a SONET protected fiber optic ring, with redundant access into and out of Indianola.  INS has two geographically separate IP network gateway locations, each connecting to multiple Tier 1 backbone providers.  Network traffic is efficiently routed between these two locations and upstream carriers.

IMU also interconnects to the BroadNet Connect statewide network operated by Iowa Health Systems and is able to redundantly extend service to that network.

IMU’s fiber network is currently being used to affordably:

  • Connect internal computer networks for Indianola schools, Warren County and City of Indianola.
  • Provide looped service for shared utility control systems.

  • Provide leased fiber strands to connect qualified customers of the Iowa Communications Network.

  • Provide MCG Business Services via Active-Ethernet architecture.

  • Provide MCG Residential Services in select areas.

For more information on residential services and availability call 515-962-5000 to speak to a customer service representative.

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