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IMU Customers are encouraged to fill out our Customer Survey.
This is your opportunity to provide feedback on our services.
Survey is open through August 28th.

2014 IMU Customer Survey

IMU Customers are encouraged to fill out our Customer Survey.
This is your opportunity to provide feedback on our services.
 Survey is open through August 28th.

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When should I report a malfunctioning streetlight? 
At times, a streetlight will flicker or constantly cycle on and off.  This is a sign that the bulb is at the end of its life and needs to be replaced.  A bulb must also be replaced when it continually stays on during daylight hours or off after dark.  IMU will service these lights as needed; however, during daylight hours it is difficult to tell when they are malfunctioning.  Therefore, we encourage customers to inform us of street lights in their neighborhoods that may not be working properly.

Does IMU offer energy efficiency incentives? 
Yes.  IMU has programs in place for both commercial and residential customers to help make their places of business and homes more energy efficient.  Customers may request a free energy audit and may also be eligible to receive a credit on their city utility account.  For a complete listing of programs and application forms, go to the Utility Programs menu and visit the Energy Efficiency page.

Who is responsible for an electric service line? 
IMU owns and maintains all facilities up to, but not including, the point at which the overhead service wire connects to the wires exiting the customer’s weatherhead.  Where electric facilities are underground, the utility owns and maintains all facilities up to and including the transformer or secondary junction box.  Customers are responsible for wiring and electrical equipment on the premise, except for the meter which is owned and maintained by IMU.

Does IMU trim tree limbs away from power lines? 
Tree limbs must be cut back from electrical lines to prevent outages from occurring.  In the event that a tree limb is endangering an electrical line and IMU deems it to be an emergency, the tree will be trimmed immediately without prior written notification.  For planned vegetative maintenance, homeowners will receive a seven-day written notice and the opportunity to hire a professional tree-trimming contractor at their own expense if they do not want IMU to do the work.

Why is IMU placing electric lines underground? 
There are many benefits to placing an electric distribution system underground.  The first of which is improved reliability.  Underground systems are not as susceptible to outages due to environmental factors such as ice, wind and animals.  Of equal importance is safety.  Overhead lines present the opportunity for injury during routine maintenance and sever weather.  Other benefits include extended life of the system, reduced maintenance costs and improved aesthetics.

How do I sign up for utility services? 
Application for all municipal utility services must be filed at the City Clerk’s office located at 110 North First Street, Indianola.  The application must be signed by all adults or emancipated minors residing at the address to be served.  A connection charge shall be required at the time of application.  A valid photo ID is required.  For information regarding after hours connections and payment options, visit the City of Indianola web site.

What is the hardness of Indianola’s water? 

The source of Indianola’s water is the Jordan Aquifer.  In it’s raw state, the hardness of the water is at 250 parts per million or 14.6 grains per gallon.  During the treatment process, the water is passed through a triple zone softening process and filtered to where the finished water is reduced to 120 parts per million or 7 grains per gallon.  For complete information on Indianola's water quality, download the IMU Water Quality Report.

What is a sewer reduction meter? 
A sewer reduction, or irrigation, meter allows customers to use large amounts of water for outdoor purposes such as filling a pool or watering sod without paying the associated sanitary sewer charges.  A user fee is required as well as the applicable charges for metered water usage.  These meters can be requested through the utility billing office located at 110 North 1st Street.

Can I put my water service on “vacation”? 
No.  All active accounts will be charged the minimum monthly fees.  Customers may request a discontinuation of water service while they are gone, provided there is a working stop box, but must pay a re-connection fee when they return.

Can a leaking toilet really waste that much water? 
Yes.  A faulty toilet flapper will allow water to continuously seep through and you may not even hear it.  To check for leaks, place a few drops of food coloring in the tank and if the color appears in the bowl, you will know that the flapper is not properly sealed.  And remember, you are not only paying for wasted water but the associated sewer fees.

Who is responsible for a water service line? 
IMU owns and maintains all facilities up to, but not including, the point at which the water service line connects to the water main.  The utility also owns, furnishes and maintains the meter.  Customers are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the service line from the water main connection up to the meter.

Who is the service provider? 

MCG of Oskaloosa, IA licenses bandwidth on IMU’s fiber optic network system to provide commercial telephone and Internet service.

What services are currently available? 
Currently, telephone and Internet service is available to commercial customers who are within proximity of the fiber network.  For specific service options, visit the Available Service page.

Who should commercial customers contact for a quote? 
Mike Metcalf, Technical Service Coordinator, can be reached at 515-961-9444, ext. 5305 or emailed at

When will residential service be available? 
The 2010 electric underground conversion project is the first to include conduit for the residential fiber build out.  The project is expected be completed in the summer of 2012, however costs and community participation will determine when these services will be added.
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