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electric system information

IMU serves the electric requirements of the citizens of Indianola located within its established territorial boundaries.  IMU currently maintains approximately 6,300 electric meters with average annual sales of over 120,000,000 kWh’s and an annual peak demand of 34.07MW.

 IMU purchases wholesale electricity from the Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska (MEAN).  Three 69kV transformers, two at the East Iowa substation and one at the Westside substation, reduce the voltage to 13.2kV and it is distributed via five feeders that loop the system.  IMU is in the process of converting all distribution to 13.2kV voltage. 

IMU also owns 18 miles of 69kV transmission line extending from Indianola west to a MEC substation near Patterson, Iowa.  This transmission service is shared jointly under contract with MEC and allows them to serve their customers along that line path.  The westbound IMU 69kV transmission line provides redundant service to IMU customers in the event that the 69kV transmission line from the east should fail.

Power SOurces

  • Municipal Energy Agency of Nebraska
  • 30-year, full requirements contract
  • 48MW of local generation capacity

distribution system

  • Redundant power supply
  • Loop-feed transmission system with two 69KV sources
  • 120/240, 60HZ alternating current single phase
  • 120/208 and 277/480 three phase systems
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